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South Pacific’s water crisis.


Our mission is to help the people in rural villages across the South Pacific Islands. Though we often strive to supply additional items such as school supplies or clothing, our primary goal is to provide these villages with sustainable water storage that can improve their standard of living and way of life.

How Your Purchases Change Lives

When you buy a product from VATA Hat Co., we contribute 10% of profits directly toward the purchase and installation of water tanks and materials for rural villages in the South Pacific.  We create custom clothing products and accessories and put countless hours into each design and product knowing that the more products sold, the more water tanks we can bring to the South Pacific.

Current Impact

Our first trip was to the Sawani Village of Fiji where we brought 300 pounds of school supplies and installed two 500-gallon water tanks for their primary school. This not only allowed the school to have water and stay open throughout the year, but gave closer access to clean water to the surrounding community.

VATA Hat Co. has embarked on other trips to install water tanks and bring medical supplies for small villages on the islands of Fiji throughout the past year. These villages are often extremely far out from major cities, making it difficult for the villagers to access clean water on a regular basis. Our ability to provide water storage for these areas completely changes their way of life by meeting a basic but essential key to healthy living and daily life. VATA Hat Co. is committed to a minimum of one humanitarian trip a year to the South Pacific, and with your help and purchases, we can increase that number.